Custom Pantone Color Vinyl - 12" x 24"

Custom Pantone Color Vinyl - 12" x 24"

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Need a custom vinyl color? No problem, all we need is the solid coated Pantone number!

Find a Pantone:

*Leave the PMS color(s) needed in the order notes at checkout


DISCLAIMER: CMYK are different colors created by layering cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. Also known as process colors, CMYK colors are used in a wide variety of print materials, including magazines and newspapers. CMYK printing uses a series of dots in the four colors to create images and colors. That method means that a wide variety of colors can be used in a relatively small area. Meanwhile, the main limitation of CMYK colors comes from their inconsistency. The same color may turn out differently, even when the same color appears on multiple pages or even in separate areas on the same page. We will always try our best to match the Pantone color requested however there is always a chance it cannot be accomplished. If at any time we feel it is unattainable we will contact you before shipment of your order.
There aren't many things our top of the line printers can't achieve! However, when choosing the colors for your vinyl it's important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. Even if you have calibrated your monitor to a specific color profile, there are various factors that influence the final appearance of colors on a printed product. Because of this, we can't guarantee color accuracy 100%. Consider the following factors:

- When printing on various substrates it is important to consider the substrate color. The same color value will look a little different when printed on matte versus gloss. Similarly the same color will look different when printed on vinyl versus aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.
- Our printers work in CMYK values which easily allow Pantone color conversions to take place in our software.
- We are not responsible for prints not being 100% accurate in color matches to either CMYK values or Pantone colors. There are multiple variable that can effect the color outcome including the printer and the substrate being printed on. We promise to always do our best to match the color needed.

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